HeadCase FAQ

Are there fake HeadCase cases?

- Yes. Beware of counterfeit products. All HeadCase products our engineered in the USA and have our unique fun, inventive style. We stand by our products, but if your fake HeadCase product fails you, we can only give you a pat on the back. But don't cry over spilled milk.

Help us. Report Fakes!

Fakes not only hurt our business but the American economy. Fakes also hurt valid warranty claims, not that we ever get any : )

Besides, by now you’re a HeadCase too and you have been since the we invented the First Bottle Opener Phone Case and the first case in the world to have an interactive app. So if you see a fake HeadCase out there ( no, not your crazy neighbor) click here and tells us who they are. 



Have there been any broken phones?

- Never!


Does the metal affect the antenna?

- No!


Do you have non bottle opener cases?

- Yes


Will I get liquid on my phone?

- No!

I get a connection error in the app, what do I do?

- Please follow these steps below:

1. You have a strong internet connection

2. That you are actually connected to the internet and not just WiFi -- Pleas try navigating to a webpage on your devices (Safari) browser.

3. Make sure you do not have a firewall

4. Make sure your WiFi does not require you to log in

If the above steps do not resolve your issue you may have a bad install of the App, please delete app and reinstall it.